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How To Conduct a UX Redesign for Your Project (series 1)

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In 2021, going online is a must for any company due to the pandemic effect on our lives. The Internet gives businesses opportunities to grow and develop but simply having a website or application is not enough. They must meet your customers’ needs and be consistent, logical, and recognizable.

Yet, in some cases, people may not love or even use them. Why? The reason may be that the UX is poor. 67% of customers will choose your competitors if they have a bad user experience.

User experience, or UX, determines the behavior and decisions. It evokes the feeling of the right things at the right places. We can describe it as the way a website feels. Sometimes, the websites or apps that look great are useless. Beautiful banners do not have buttons. Dynamic layouts do not scroll right. Multi-functional websites look good on the desktop, but the mobile version is poor.

It happens when the visual representation does not correspond to real user expectations. A user cannot find the checkout button, fill in the form, or find the product. It all causes loss of leads, poor ROI, low conversions, and as a result, insufficient income. 

In this series, we are going to outline the key aspects of UX redesign for businesses. You will get information about how to assess your current UX. We will answer how to determine the right time for a redesign and what its benefits are. Additionally, we will talk about the process of redesign. 

When thinking about UX, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind. 88% won’t ever return to the website if they had a bad user experience. Are you ready to lose 88% of your customers? We bet you don’t. So let’s move to the first point and try to estimate the quality of your website UX.

Table of Contents

This series would be posted in six parts.

  • When to Do a UX Redesign?
  • What Are the Benefits of a UX Redesign?
  • UX Redesign Process: 5 Steps
  • How Much Does a UX Redesign Cost?
  • Groomlog Case Study: Successful UX Redesign for “Project B” App
  • Ready to Conduct UX Redesign and Improve Your Interface Performance?

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